Spring 2020 One Room Challenge – Patio Makeover!


May 7, 2020

When considering which space to makeover for the One Room Challenge this spring, the reality that we will likely still be in a post-COVID world of social distancing with three kids home this summer weighed heavily on our minds. So, we decided to make our patio into a space where we can relax, play with the kids, cook and dine al fresco, grow veggies, roast marshmallows… basically making our backyard into our summer staycation destination! I’m planning to do a bunch of DIY builds but overall I’m keeping the goals simple because life these days is pretty crazy. My hope is to share the process with you so that you can see how a couple of small budget-friendly tweaks can really transform a space and make it more enjoyable.


Since we moved here three years ago, we haven’t done much in this space – a kids picnic table that was one of my first DIY builds; a full sized farmhouse picnic table I built two years ago… and a too small rug from our old place and a BBQ grill that is too small for our family and the number of people we normally have over.

Here’s a look at the current state – this is normally covered in a lot of random kid toys… but besides the table, you’ll notice that there isn’t much seating. (You can see I already got started on building the sectional for week 1!)


The One Room Challenge typically spans 6 weeks. Given this pandemic, it’s extended to 8 weeks to allow for more flexibility… so the reveal date for all participants is the last week of June! Here’s what I’m thinking (subject to change :)):

  • Week 1: Mood board and build first part of DIY sectional (plans by Ana White).
  • Week 2: Raised garden beds
  • Week 3: Second part of outdoor sectional (I’m building two of the same and connecting them in an L-shape)
  • Week 4: Landscaping around garden beds (I’m considering ripping out all the grass in this area and adding a small stone walkway surrounded by pea gravel)
  • Weeks 5- 8: TBD … I’m considering a few other ideas like fire pit, DIY concrete counter table next to a new BBQ grill, a stock tank swimming pool… not sure yet, but excited to keep dreaming!


Here we go! I’m going for a casual/modern vibe … some pieces I already have like the table and umbrella… I’ve already ordered the egg chair (team egg!!! for all of you who commented on my Instagram post) … so I’m mostly excited to build out the garden and seating area. I’d love to know what you think about this mood board and overall plan… what are you most looking forward to seeing? Anything in particular you hope to learn?

One of the best parts of participating is checking out all the other amazing accounts who are also participating. Check out the official One Room Challenge blog to see what other folks are up to!

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