About Us

About Us

April 27, 2019

Lisa & Brian

Hello! Welcome to our blog. 🙂 We are a husband and wife team raising three little kids in northern New Jersey. We stumbled into a passion for DIY and design by building simple furniture and taking on small projects to add customization and character to a new construction which we moved into two years in 2017. Once we caught the DIY bug, our list keeps growing longer… so we wanted a place to document and share what we’ve learned (the hard way!).

Fun fact: In our old home where we lived for seven years, we were extremely hesitant to even put a NAIL in the wall to hang up pictures. We’ve come a long way! So, if you find yourself pinning lots of inspirational photos and holding off on making your house your dream home due to lack of budget, time, or DIY skills, my #1 hope is to give you a boost of confidence and demystify DIYs by breaking down our projects step by step.

We are learning new things every day. The virtual DIY community is amazing and has tons of resources and inspiration. We look forward to sharing with you here – thanks for following along!

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