6 Ideas for Hosting Overnight Guests

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February 7, 2024

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Hosting overnight guests in your home? Make them feel extra comfy with these special touches for a welcome basket! I love making my my friends and family feel like they have everything they need to relax. Read below for my welcome basket ideas and links to the products I use in my baskets. You can also shop everything here on my Amazon storefront!

Idea #1: Spa-rolled towels

Shop my favorite guest towels here!

Rolling up your towels puts an extra special touch that makes any guest feel like they’re in a spa or hotel. It also keeps them neatly tucked for storing in a closet, too!

For hand towels, start by folding the top right corner all the way down to form a triangle.

Then, flip it upside down and start rolling the straight edge towards the angled edge.

Once you reach the end, tuck the edge into the angled pocket. For larger bath towels, do the same process but start by folding the whole towel in half lengthwise (the long way).

Idea #2: Slippers

Shop the slippers I use here!

Most people don’t travel with slippers, but they’re a must-have for feeling cozy and comfortable when you’re away from home. I make sure to include these single-use hotel-like slippers in my welcome basket so guests can walk around our house comfortably.

Idea #3: Pouch with essentials

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I always end up forgetting something when I’m traveling – whether it’s cotton balls, toothpaste, floss, Advil, it could be anything! Especially when I’m traveling with the kids…so I like to include a toiletry essentials bag for my guests so they don’t have to run out to the store last-minute. I include a travel sized toothpaste, mouth wash, floss, and Advil.

Idea #4: Mini candle

Shop my favorite travel-sized candle here and electric lighter here!

Candles are the best way to create a cozy and relaxing environment, but you can’t travel with them! I like to add this added touch for my guests to wind-down and relax at the end of the day. This is a travel size of one of my favorite candles, it smells absolutely amazing!

Idea #5: Charger

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We’ve all gone on a trip only to realize that we’ve forgotten our phone or iPad charger at home! This is the worst because I always end up having to buy another charger that I won’t need after my travels. So I make sure to include a charger in my guest room so they don’t need to worry about charging their devices. Everyone is always so grateful when they see the charger in their room!

Idea #6: Eye masks

Shop my favorite eye masks for guests here!

We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment. And if you’re traveling to a different time zone and want to sleep in late or go to sleep early, this can be impossible if outside light is peeking through the blinds or coming in from the hallway! Providing a sleep mask for my guests can ensure they’re feeling rested.

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