Everything I Learned about Gardening This Fall [Sponsored]


December 14, 2021

I learned a LOT about gardening, landscape edging, climate zones, and planting an everblooming garden – thanks to Troy-Bilt and Amy from Get Busy Gardening.

Here are my top takeaways:

  1. Gardening is NOT just for the spring! In the fall, you need to think ahead to the spring… clean out your garden beds, plant bulbs, plant new shrubs, and take care of all your usual fall yard work like clearing out leaves so they don’t kill your lawn.
  1. Simple landscape edging is often a good choice. There was HEATED debate about materials for landscape edging with pros and cons of belgian stones, rubber/plastic edging bands, landscaping stones… but pretty much universal hate of angled pavers because they shift and are difficult to keep clean.
  1. Bulbs need to be planted before the winter. I somehow did not know this – but bulbs need to be dormant underground during the winter months in order to flower in the spring… if you wait until the spring, it’ll be too late! Add a little bit of nutrient-rich top soil around each bulb.
  1. Pick plants that can survive in your climate zone. You can go to this website and type in your address. My part of NJ is in zone “6b.” Your local garden centers will also be able to provide guidance on what types of plants are best for your area.
  1. Enjoy the process! I tried to involve my kids as much as possible because they were genuinely interested. My daughter helped me to plant all the bulbs and had a blast! 

We are looking forward to the spring to see our everblooming garden come to life… this may be the longest reveal wait time ever – but it’ll be worth it!!!! 🙂

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