How to Install String Lights Like a PRO! [Sponsored]

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot FIRST ATTEMPT MISTAKES A few years ago, when I first attempted to install string lights on my patio, I winged it — and made a LOT of mistakes. I made them so you can hopefully avoid them! 🙂 THE RIGHT WAY! Fast forward to today, I researched […]


The Mudroom Addition That Changed Our Life!!!

This post is sponsored by Elkay. With three kids under the age of 9, one of the biggest daily pain points in our home is hearing “Mommmmy, can I please have water??” You see, our refrigerator is the type that has the water dispenser hidden inside – it is too high for the kids to […]


Everything I Learned about Gardening This Fall [Sponsored]

I learned a LOT about gardening, landscape edging, climate zones, and planting an everblooming garden – thanks to Troy-Bilt and Amy from Get Busy Gardening. Here are my top takeaways: Gardening is NOT just for the spring! In the fall, you need to think ahead to the spring… clean out your garden beds, plant bulbs, […]


Preparing an Everblooming Garden [Sponsored]

This post is sponsored by Troy-Bilt As the weather turns cooler this fall, it is the perfect time to prep your garden beds for the spring season. I’m excited to team up with Troy-Bilt and Amy from Get Busy Gardening to walk through the key elements of preparing an “everblooming garden” – as in one […]


24 Hour Guest Bedroom Transformation! [Sponsored]

This post is sponsored by Joss & Main and contains affiliate links When we bought our home three years ago, we knew that we needed to have a dedicated guest room because grandparents regularly stay with us. However, we didn’t design the space at all … and in fact, our daughter decided that the cat […]


5 Actionable Resources for Raising Anti-Racist Kids

CONTEXT I’ve spent my entire career working in social and racial justice – from legal advocacy to education reform. It’s a passion that runs deep in my soul. I currently work at an organization that has 240+ Pre-K to 12th grade public charter schools in 50 communities across the country. The vast majority of our […]


Spring 2020 One Room Challenge – Patio Makeover!

When considering which space to makeover for the One Room Challenge this spring, the reality that we will likely still be in a post-COVID world of social distancing with three kids home this summer weighed heavily on our minds. So, we decided to make our patio into a space where we can relax, play with […]


One Room Challenge: The Ultimate IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack Reveal!

After six weeks of planning, building, trimming, painting, sourcing… and lots of overthinking every single decision, I’m so excited to reveal the ultimate Billy bookcase hack! This took a LOT longer than I anticipated hence why the reveal is focusing on this corner rather than the whole room (which will be coming soon!). I learned […]


One Room Challenge: Week 4 & 5 – Trim and Paint!

With the bookcases and bases built and secured to the walls, they were finally ready for the magic to happen… with trim! I took a trip to Kuiken Brothers, a local millwork shop which has a large selection of premium trim options. With most DIYs, I’m pretty comfortable rolling up my sleeves and figuring thing […]


One Room Challenge – Week 3: The Bookcase Hack Puzzle – FAQs

Whew! Anyone else feel like it’s crunch time and they’re falling behind on this One Room Challenge…? While I read a bunch of IKEA Billy bookcase hack tutorials, I realized nobody had attempted my exact hack which meant there are LOTS of unknowns for me to figure out. I’ve put out so many polls on […]